Protect Your Hands While Enhancing Your Grip

Protect Your Hands While Enhancing Your Grip

Call them shooting gloves, combat gloves, or duty gloves—tactical gloves are a must-have piece of protective gear if you like recreational activities. They not only protect your hands during combat situations but also enhance your grip and dexterity on whatever you are holding. 

Benefits of Tactical Gloves

  • Protection. Tactical gloves are designed to protect your hands from all kinds of hazards, from scratches to punctures. They can also lower the force of impacts. This is very important for physical activities, as you’ll be using your hands a lot and can easily get hurt.
  • Demanding activities. Tactical gloves come in handy during an array of outdoor activities and extreme sports. They are convenient for CrossFit, mountain climbing, and even hunting. With them, you can be more efficient, as you’ll lower the impact on your hands, keep them warm, and enhance your grip. 
  • Tactical situations. When in the wild or on the field, you want to make sure you have the best equipment. Tactical gloves prepare you for tactical situations, keep your hands protected, and allow for a wide range of motion. They might even enhance your grip on gear for better performance—for instance, when using a weapon. 

Types of Tactical Gloves


These are multi-purpose gloves designed for different situations and conditions. They can be similar to the other two types, sniper's gauntlet and needlestick, but are not necessarily the same. All-terrain gloves are made to withstand all weather conditions and provide support for activities such as shooting sports, trekking, and driving. They are not specifically designed for one activity but are versatile and suitable for many tactical situations. They can protect, enhance the grip, or prevent cuts and impacts, all depending on the model. Also, these gloves usually have features such as padded knuckles and touchscreen or fingertip technology. 


These are specially designed for sniper shooters. They have more dexterity than regular tactical gloves and are thinner for a better range of motion. It also means they are less protective. The main thing about sniper's gauntlets is the enhanced grip and the flexibility that allows you to move your fingers freely. That comes at the expense of superior protection. 


These gloves are designed for tactical professionals who need protection against cuts and punctures. Thanks to the extra padding and double layers, they prevent needles from penetrating the glove and hurting the skin. Needlestick gloves are mostly used by law enforcement officers who work in urban settings. They can also be used in daily situations when there's a danger of sharp objects and needles hurting the skin. 

Key Features


Depending on the material, tactical gloves offer different types of protection. The thicker ones are more resistant to outdoor threats and weather, while thinner ones allow for more free movements. Also, while some tactical gloves protect hands from cuts and punctures, others lower the impacts and prevent major bumps. Consider the intended use and then pick the material that offers the necessary protection.  


Check the insulation. If you're planning to use the gloves during cold weather, you need a pair that can protect your hands from extremely low temperatures. Because they'll keep your hands safe from freezing, insulated tactical gloves will ensure more efficiency and safety when outdoors during the cold season.  


The size is crucial when it comes to tactical gloves. You don't want them to be too tight or loose, because that can influence your performance. Although they might be flexible and adjustable, depending on the material, it's still important to pick the right size. The manufacturer usually provides a size chart to help pick the perfect pair. 


Not all tactical gloves are built to last. Gloves that offer superior comfort and more flexibility are also less durable. Consider what’s more important: freedom of movement or durability. Either way, you want to make sure to pick a pair that will last and provide protection when used for long periods. 

-The Drive (Daniel Rika)

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